Advent Calendars

LAST MINUTE: The last Advent calendars can still be ordered until 03.12. and will be shipped on 05.12.

This year we offer three different sticker Advent calendars with different themes.
Each Advent calendar includes 24 numbered paper bags filled with brand new sticker sheets.
The large sticker sets included in the calendars will appear daily on this page starting Dec 01, 2022.

24 small sticker sheets
24 large sticker sheets
48 large sticker sheets

Stickers without a fixed reference to the winter or Christmas season for everyday use, e.g. animals, objects, flowers, etc., that you can use all year round
Stickers related to the four seasons, e.g. flowers, holidays, spring, summer, autumn, winter
A mix of seasonal and Christmas designs. Stickers for the whole year, but also for the Christmas season.

A quick note about overlaps:
* The mini advent calendar contains partly the same stickers of the respective standard and deluxe calendar.
(Example: In the Mini Everyday calendar there is a mini sticker sheet with 10 stickers. In the Standard Everyday calendar there is a standard sticker sheet with the same 10 stickers and 10 more matching stickers. However, the sticker sizes may vary).

* The Deluxe Calendar is composed of the respective Standard Calendar and 24 additional sticker sheets.
(Example: The Seasonal Deluxe Calendar consists of 24 sticker sheets of the Seasonal Standard Calendar and 24 additional Seasonal sticker sheets)

* The Seasonal-Christmas-Mix Advent Calendar contains in the Mini and Standard Calendar 12 sticker sheets of the Seasonal Mini or Standard Calendar. In the Deluxe calendar it contains 24 sticker sheets of the Seasonal Deluxe calendar.
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A few stickers from the Advent Calendar 2021

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